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Free Fashion Week Walk – Swinging Sixties

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To celebrate London Fashion Week we are offering a FREE walk daily from the 19th February to 24th February (every day except Sunday).  Join Lena on a Fashion Walk and get inspired with all the latest fashion news and learn of the historical influences which have shaped Londons fashion scene - a Walk to remember!

Walk Start Time: 2pm

Duration: 1hr and 45 minutes

No Longer Available. 





Burberry – Christopher Bailey

A fellow Alumni of the University of Westminster University where in 2006 Christopher Bailey graduated with a BA in 1990. His brilliance at Burberry lies in his ability not only to respect the brand’s traditions but also to bring them in the way of modern dress. The Iconic trench, which is always represented in the…
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Thames flotilla to celebrate the life of Sir Winston Churchill

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Fifty years on from his death and 75 years since his “finest hour”, a series of events are being held to honour the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s former prime minster and its wartime leader.

The Havergore, which carried his coffin, was joined by a small flotilla of boats as they retraced Churchlll’s final journey down the river 50 years ago.

A watchful eye the bronze statue by Ivor Robert-Jones, installed in 1973, shows ~Churchill as powerful, stocky, gigue in a naval overcoat leaning informally on a stick and gazing somewhat defiantly, towards the House of Parliament and Big Ben.