Dear Lena
Thanks for organising the day and for a smart change of plan to accommodate the weather. Jan and I enjoyed the day and were impressed with your enthusiasm and knowledge. We are looking forward to your next outing.

Graham & Jan,

Dear Lena,

Thank you so much for today, I hope Christine got some good photos  for you. It was great to get into 33 Portland St. When you have devised your new fashion and a gambling walk let me have the details and I will advertise it for you.

Kate Boyle

Lena explaining some historic fact during our historic walk in London, Walkg Tour Guide

Hi Lena,
Thank you for your photos, I wish we had asked someone to take the group so that you would have been included it was such a nice one, I hope you like my collage.
Doreen Muraille,

Thank you for a superb Historic walking tour. I absolutely loved every minute of it. A brilliant tour guide who lead us through London's greatest monuments giving us insightful facts. Well organised, interesting and a great day in a great city!


Sonja De Viliers, I.T. Consultant - Netherlands