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Fashion Rules

Three royal women whose style inspired a generation. An exhibition at Kensington Palace “not to be missed”
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A Classic Burberry Raincoat

Get ready for an Autumn Special "Fashionista Walk" with Lena

Therapy – London shopping through the ages

Join Lena starting with historic shops of St James’s, elegant Regency shopping arcades to the designers of Bond Street finishing with Oxford Street’s most famous store.

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King Charles III Play at Covent Garden London – Theatreland

Another play not to be missed - King Charles III - This history play is for today, it is witty , poignant and provocative. Inspired by Shakespeare but bang up to date, we imagine what would happen if Charles and Camilla ascended to the throne only to face a constitutional crisis over his desire to…
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Victoria Beckham’s sleek new store is open

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Victoria Beckham's sleek new store is open...and it's what I want, what I really, really want.

On our tour we were delighted to visit Victoria Beckham’s new  shop in Dover Street, Mayfair, London. What a delight featuring polished-concrete stairs, a signature scent and the American walnut cabinets are all made with wood from the same tree.  The central feature is an imposing polished concrete staircase.


The handbags are a bold statement which are paramount in  any lady’s staple wardrobe!


Its neighbours are the renowned John Rocha, Alexander McQueen and Dover Street Market .